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Exclusively connecting Pakistan’s elite – the financially successful, the intellectually gifted, and the professionally accomplished – both within the country and beyond, Elite Matrimony is your gateway to love that matches your standards.

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International Matchmaking Services Since 2003.

Elite Matrimony understands the profound value of long-lasting, meaningful relationships, guiding members towards finding their perfect life partner and building a thriving marriage.


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At Elite Matrimony, we believe everyone, regardless of background, deserves a happily ever after

May love, work, and life bloom with all your heart’s yearnings. Ameen! 

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International Matchmaking Services Since 2003.


Seeking a lifelong companion who fulfils your highest aspirations? Let us guide you towards finding the ideal partner from a distinguished family of nobility.


While borders shouldn't define love, many of our overseas applicants specifically seek partners from their home countries. Find your match today by signing up for our Elite matrimony services.


Seeking someone who shares your ambition and drive? Find your perfect match among our accomplished members with Elite Matrimony.

High Officials

Looking to marry a respected high official or diplomat? Let us help you find the perfect match using our elite matrimony services


Seeking a lifelong love with someone who shares your values and aspirations? Let Elite Matrimony guide you.

Elite Matrimony understands the profound significance of thriving relationships, particularly those built on meaningful connections, enduring commitment, genuine love, and the potential for a fulfilling marriage.

How Elite Matrimony Works

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You need to apply for the Elite Matrimony. All information will be kept private. We do not share information on website or on any social media.

In Person Meeting

We will contact you to schedule a private in-person matchmaking consultation to better understand your matrimonial preferences, relationship goals and lifestyle preferences.

Finding Soulmate

We will start process of finding your soul mate. We will share your details only with the carefully hand-picked candidates who fit your personal preferences.

Our Special Guests

Elite Matrimony Arif Alvi
Elite Matrimony Raja Pervaiz Ashraf
Elite Matrimony Nadia Hussain
Elite Matrimony Shan Choudhary
Elite Matrimony Shan Choudhary
Elite Matrimony Syeda Shehla Raza
Elite Matrimony Mr Syed Aminul Haque
Elite Matrimony Ms Sabahat Ali Bhukhari
Elite Matrimony Mr Yahya Hussaini
Elite Matrimony Mr Ali Noonari
Elite Matrimony Mr Tariq Ali
Elite Matrimony Mr. Shamoon Abbasi
Elite Matrimony Mr Shakeel Siddiqui

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Elite Matrimony Packages

Elite Matrimony curates a circle of high-achieving Pakistani professionals. Renowned in their respective fields, they possess exceptional intellect, refined sensibilities, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In turn, they seek partners who share their uncompromising spirit and aspire to a life shaped by the same level of distinction.

As a male client you will only meet with women who are beautiful, sophisticated, accomplished, refined, emotionally balanced and intelligent.

As a female client you will only meet with men who are successful, sophisticated, intelligent and have everything you desire to have as your life partner.

Our elite matchmaking mission is to make our clients’ lives more peaceful, beautiful and Meaningful.

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